Trailing Shoe

BELMAC TRAILING SHOE has 34 outlets and a working width of 7.5m with a 22cm row width.
It has an overall transport width of 2.55m which meets road legal requirements. Spreading time when compared to a splash plate is very similar but the spread is more accurate and consistent across the complete working width.
Slurry odour is minimized with no drift and grazing of grass can resume quicker than when slurry is spread with a splash plate system, hence grazing periods are extended. With the trailing shoe system, slurry can be applied at later stages of grass growth, compared to a splash plate system which has to be applied at an early stage. There is no increase in power required when compared to an equal size splash plate tanker and maintenance required is minimal.

Hoses turn up to prevent remaining slurry leaking out during transport. Fitted with hardened stainless stell trailing shoes and special rubber boots to prevent and minimise blockages. Minimum surface damage occurs with the Belmac triling shoes.

3 Models available:

  1. 7.5 metre Standard
  2. 7.5 metre Folding
  3. 9.0 metre Folding

Sprung Stainless Steel legs, fitted with hardened cast coulter with special velocity-controlled rubber boot.

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