• Belmac Slurry Tanker

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      BELMAC SLURRY TANKERS are built to the highest standard with impolosion rings to give maximum support and are available in sizes ranging from 1150 gallon to 3000 gallon.

      All tankers come with standard fittings as follows:
      Hydraulic Brakes
      6″ filler and discharge points
      3″ sight glass
      A blanked off side fill point
      15ft of 6″ suction hose
      Half inch/2″ washdown adaptor plug
      6″ quick attach suction hose filler
      8000 ltr pump on 1150 to 1650 gallon tanks
      10,000 ltr pump on 2000 to 3000 gallon tanks
      Sprung drawbar standard on 2000 to 3000 gallon tankers
      1150 & 1350 gallon tank Standard with LGP Wheels
      1650 gallon tank Standard with 21.3 x 24 tractor grip or 23.1 x 24 wheels
      2000 to 2250 gallon tank Standard with 28.1 x 26 wheels
      2500 to 3000 gallon tank Standard with 30.5 x 32 wheels
      Painted With Massey Ferguson Red unless otherwise specified at time of order.

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