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      BELMAC AERATOR comes in three widths – 1.5m (5’5″), 2.3m (7’7″) and 3.0m (9’10”).

      Adjustable rotar angle
      Hardened tempered steel blades
      Frame incorporates weight box
      Towing eye fitted as standard
      Parking stands included
      Optional roller
      Max working dept of 205mm (8″)
      Benefits of the aerator:
      Relieves compaction
      Helps prevent slurry run-off
      Stronger and healthier grass growth
      Increases evaporation from water-logged soil
      Improves fertiliser intake
      Extended grazing by up to 36 days
      Reduces your fertiliser bill
      Low HP required
      Specifications 1.5m wide model 2.3m wide model 3.0m wide model
      Overall width 1651mm (5’5″) 2300mm (7’7″)
      Overall depth 760mm (2’6″) 760mm (2’6″) 760mm (2’6″)
      Overall Height 1200mm (3’11”) 1200mm (3’11”) 1200mm (3’11”)
      Machine weight 210kg (463lbs) 310kg (688lbs) 407kg (898lbs)
      Ballast weight 500kg (1,102lbs) 760kg (1,653lbs) 1000kg (2,204lbs)
      Blades 24 36 48

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